Gentlemen’s Practice is one of the UK’s leading men’s ‘dapper’ fashion brands. Their ecommerce site not only screams style but it’s packed with really cool functionality. Our aim was to go for a clean, modern, boutique style website that makes the customer journey seamless from click to delivery.


  • Create a stylish, lifestyle ecommerce website.
  • Integrate automated monthly subscription/membership.
  • Allow users to sign up to newsletter with direct link into Mailchimp account.
  • To add virtual gift voucher functionality, including gifting items for 3rd party.
  • Create a very user friendly interface which also gives GP flexibility to edit and change content with ease.
  • Integrate promo coupons and wish-list for browsing.
  • Allow for ‘social sign-in’ via Facebook
  • Ensure the site reflects the ethos of Gentlemen’s Practice.
  • Ensure site is built to a high level of SEO standards.
  • Addition of all products and services.
ecommerce website
ecommerce website

The website

The website has a very clean, sharp style with the emphasis being totally on the high quality products and services. We worked closely with Gareth at Gentlemen’s Practice to ensure their site was not only amazing for customers but also an ecommerce engine they can use to manage customer orders, subscriptions, offers and lots more. We have packed the site with some very advanced features and look forward to growing this platform further in the forthcoming year.