Gtr Manchester Business Week Speaks with Andy from Planet Amazing

Greater Manchester Business Week magazine speaks with Andy Cadwallader, Founder and Creative Director of Planet Amazing.

Name of business and brief overview?

Planet Amazing is a small web design and creative agency based in Manchester.

What was the biggest struggle in setting up the company?

I’d say the hardest part of starting up the business was the amount of hours I had to put in during the transition from employment to running a small business and managing several designers. After a long day at work it wasn’t always easy to just ‘switch on’ the creative ideas.

What is your biggest achievement to date and why?

Our biggest achievement to date is opening up our new office at The Sharp Project in Manchester. It is such a vibrant place to be and home to some of the most creative SMEs in the North of England.

What are the main aims of your business?

Our main aim is to provide a top quality, concept to completion service. Our favourite projects are those where we create a brand, build the website and also market the product. We also like to keep techy jargon to a minimum, it is important not to alienate customers, an area where many creative businesses fail. Our main specialisms are mobile-friendly websites, UI/UX, graphic design for print or online, branding and digital marketing. We’re a world of awesome possibilities!

How has your business developed in the last year?

The business has gone from being just myself to working with a small team of award-winning designers and marketing professionals topped with our move to the Sharp Project. We have some exciting new collaborative projects starting in 2017 and we hope our success continues.

What is the best part of working in Greater Manchester?

Manchester currently has the fastest growth of small businesses in the UK, particularly in the IT and technology industry. It feels great to be part of this movement.

Planet Amazing Web Design featured in G Manchester Business Week
Planet Amazing featured in GM Business Week 19 Jan 2017