Reasons to choose a WordPress CMS

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If you’re looking to have a website designed or maybe you are frustrated with your existing web presence and want to take things to a whole new level, here are some reasons why you should choose WordPress to power your website:

It is the most popular content management system (CMS) worldwide. It’s a proven software trusted by large companies, small businesses and millions of web site owners. WordPress powers around a quarter of all new web sites today and has been continually refined and improved for over eight years now. New versions get over 10 million downloads each time an update is released.

WordPress is extremely easy to use and requires no expert knowledge to write articles. If you have ever used Microsoft Word, then then writing articles/blog posts for WordPress will fell very familiar to you.

There are features that automate the process of sharing content online and attracting readers and visitors to your site. Some of these features include the ability to automatically notify social networks whenever new content is published on your site, optimising your site for best search engine results, and giving your visitors the ability to subscribe to your content via RSS feeds or email.

WordPress is standards-compliant and provides you with a fast, light and free content management system that has sensible default settings and features and an extremely customisable core.

WordPress typically releases a new version with security updates, bug fixes and improvements made to the previous version every 3-4 months. It’s a robust and fully-supported application that is continually being improved.

It is supported by a vibrant community of thousands of users and hundreds of web developers who continually work on improving and refining the software. This means that most bugs, errors, challenges or vulnerabilities get picked up quickly whenever new versions are released and are then addressed in the next version.

WordPress has a drag-and-drop media file uploader that lets you effortlessly integrate rich media, images, videos, music, audio and documents into your content, and a media browser to help you store, organise and find your files.

There is a built-in feature that automatically converts your new posts and pages URLs into “human-friendly” and “search engine-friendly” URLs that describe what your content is about.

You can assign multiple users on your site and define different roles and privileges for each of your users. You can also configure your site to let users register themselves and either publish content on your site, or require content to be submitted for review and approval by the site administrator or other users before publishing.

WordPress code is fully compliant with the standards of the W3C. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web. Being standards-compliant is important not only for interoperability with current internet browsers but it also ensures forward compatibility with future tools and technologies.

It is much more than just a blogging tool. WordPress is the most widely distributed content management system (CMS) technology in the world today and is used to power millions of commercially-driven websites. The distinction between a “blog” and a “website” is becoming increasingly blurred, especially since most of the time WordPress isn’t even used as a blog. In fact, chances are that many of the sites you are probably visiting right now are powered by WordPress.

WordPress currently provides users with access to more than 20,000 free, open-source plug-ins and themes. This library is growing every day. This means that your site can do virtually anything you can imagine or want from a website in terms of functionality, and look as unique as you want it to in terms of design.

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