Press releases

Despite the increasing importance of social / online media, editorial print coverage of your business by a well-respected publication or journalist can still play a very important part in raising its profile.

We’re expert in writing concise, punchy and newsworthy press releases created to grab journalists’ attention and dramatic increase your chances of landing coverage. We can either hand the press release over to you to pitch to a journalist, or we can do it for you.


News creation

We have years of experience in identifying topical news stories. We listen carefully to our clients, their stories and their unique selling points, pointing out the areas in which we think they should focus to grab the headlines.

Our regional network of print, online and broadcast press contacts enables us to access the journalists you need to get to easily and effectively.


Sometimes clients opt to pay for an advertorial in a target media outlet – be it online or print. Advertorials are a great way to get your company message or story across. They look like editorial coverage, which carries more weight and credibility than a traditional paid for advert, but you get to control the content.

We can write advertorials for you, crafted in a way which are perfectly targeted to your audience, read like “authentic” editorial, and communicate your company news in a lively, engaging way.

social media

Social media content

Most of us are aware of the importance of social media in business these days, but lack of interest or simply a shortage of time to dedicate to it can lead to its neglect in the marketing mix.

We can help you decide which social media outlets are right for you, or give you an honest appraisal of your existing activity.

We can devise an effective strategy for your business, helping to generate content which works across all the relevant channels. You can also find out about our social media management services.


Contact the team at Planet Amazing, we’d love to discuss your project and offer a quote.